From Arabic غُرَّبِيَّة(ḡurrabiyya), via Albanian kurabie.


kurabie (plural not attested)

  1. Alternative form of kurabiye
    • 1997, David Levinson, Melvin Ember, American immigrant cultures: builders of a nation →ISBN, page 30:
      These traditional foods include barbecued roast lamb; spinach; leek- or squash-filled pies (lakror); and pastries such as kurabie, brushtull, and baklava.
    • 2001, Greek Island Life: Fieldwork on Anafi →ISBN, page 63:
      It suddenly occurred to me that there are periods of glut at which obligations are repaid (shortbread-like sweet cakes, kurabies, at New Year, sausages and meat in November, cheeses in Lent, etc.)