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From Balinese leyak (black magic; sorcerer).


leyak (plural leyaks or leyak)

  1. A Balinese witch or practitioner of black magic.
    • 1941, Philip Hanson Hiss, Bali, p. 45:
      Meanwhile the leyak has become invisible and the servant is very much relieved, but just then the patih sees it as it is disappearing behind a group of children, who squirm about uneasily.
    • 1990, Fred B. Eiseman, Jr., Bali: Sekala and Niskala, Tuttle Publishing, p. 128:
      A leyak can transform himself, or rather, his spirit, into another form – a monkey, a bird, a ghostly light, a body without a head – the variety is endless.
    • 2000, Tobias Schneebaum, Secret Places, p. 146:
      She was like a Balinese leyak, one of the spirits of humans most often seen in the form of a blue flame that darts from coconut tree to coconut tree, at night.