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From like +‎ -worthy. Compare Old English līcwyrþe (fit to please; well-pleasing; acceptable; agreeable, literally like-worthy).


likeworthy (comparative likeworthier or more likeworthy, superlative likeworthiest or most likeworthy)

  1. Worthy of being liked; likeable.
    • 1906, Ford Madox Ford, The fifth queen: and how she came to court:
      None of your hatred should have prevented me, for I am a very likeworthy man.
    • 2005, Michel Guez, Acta orthopaedica: Supplementum:
      Quite a few literature studies demonstrate likeworthy results with instrumented fusions as with uninstrumented (Thomsen et al. 1997, Fritzell et al. 2002).