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By analogy with military-industrial complex.


marriage-industrial complex (uncountable)

  1. The totality of businesses such as wedding planners, bridal registries, specialized caterers, bridal wear stores, etc. that exist for assisting with holding a wedding.
    • 2011, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Outdated: Why Dating Is Ruining Your Love Life, →ISBN:
      Even when you want to do it for yourself, outside of the marriage industrial complex, it's practically impossible.
    • 2018 March 2, Kate Bolick, “All About Women riding the four waves of feminism at the Opera House”, in The Sydney Morning Herald:
      Also on the table was a developing critique of "matrimania" – the excessive hyping of marriage and coupling – and the concomitant multibillion-dollar marriage industrial complex.
    • 2018, Lionel Shriver, The Standing Chandelier:
      They were eschewing the catered cakes, goodie bags, and hired DJs of the marriage-industrial complex for a simple ceremony followed by a potluck picnic.
  2. The set of American institutions such as therapists, self-help books, support groups, etc designed to respond to adultery.
    • 2004, Briton Hadden, ‎Henry Robinson Luce, Time - Volume 163, page xl:
      The growth of the marriage-industrial complex has not done much to slow the national divorce epidemic.
    • 2007 March, Jardine Libaire, “French Men Don't Get Caught”, in Best Life, volume 4, number 2, page 112:
      There are strict rules in the marriage industrial complex. Almost all these sites demand the adulterer confess every act of sex, every telephone conversation, and every detail of every assignation.
    • 2009, B. Mousli, ‎E. Roustang-Stoller, Women, Feminism, and Femininity in the 21st Century, →ISBN:
      Druckerman relays the story of Julia, whose urban, liberal background does not meet the profile of most marriage-industrial complex supoprters, but who has nonethelss mannaged to absorb the values and even the narrative of the marriage-industrial complex: