marriage equality

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marriage equality (uncountable)

  1. Equality and equal acceptance (particularly legal acceptance, but also social acceptance) of same-sex in addition to heterosexual marriages.
    • 2021 December 3, “LGBTQ couples, families and marriage are ‘against the natural order,’ Thai Constitutional Court rules”, in Coconuts Bangkok[1], Bangkok: Coconuts Media Limited, retrieved 2021-12-03:
      Portions of the ruling reflected the court’s culturally conservative roots, stating that because marriage is only for reproduction, LGBTQ relationships are unnatural because they cannot produce children. “Marriage equality would not only overturn the natural order, but it would also shake the very foundation of society and humanity,” read the ruling.
    • 2010, Tracy Baim, Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage, page 139:
      [] said that he would vote for a federal marriage amendment if laws already banning marriage equality were to be struck down by federal courts.

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