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From a Proto-Indo-European root describing similar tools (compare matia); see also Old High German medela (plow), Old Church Slavonic мотыка (motyka, mattock), मत्य (matya, club, harrow). More at mattock.



mateola f (genitive mateolae); first declension

  1. The meaning of this term is uncertain. Possibilities include:
    1. an agricultural implement
    2. a kind of mallet (hammer)
    3. beetle (heavy weight, with a handle or stock, used for driving wedges or pegs, ramming down paving stones, etc.)


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative mateola mateolae
genitive mateolae mateolārum
dative mateolae mateolīs
accusative mateolam mateolās
ablative mateolā mateolīs
vocative mateola mateolae


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