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  1. plural of megalopolis
    • 1967, William Rudolph Ewald, Environment for Man: The Next Fifty Years (Indiana 1967, p. 140)
      All the megalopoli of the future—in this country and elsewhere—will transcend national boundaries in many ways.
    • 1972, David Harvey, Society, the City, and the Space-economy of Urbanism (Association of American Geographers 1972, p. 14)
      This problem has been made more serious in the contemporary city by the emergence of a new form of spatial ordering in the form of sprawling megalopoli.
    • 1976, Robert Theobald, Beyond Despair (Michigan 1976, p. 153)
      With these developments came urbanization and centralization, which trends have culminated in the mega-farms and megalopoli of the present.
    • 1997, Stephen Metz, Strategic Horizons (Diane Publishing 1997, p. 9)
      The population of megalopoli like Mexico City and Sao Paulo will be well over 20 million by the end of the 20th century.
    • 1998, John M. Collins, Military Geography (Diane Publishing, p. 199)
      Table 20. Present and Projected Megalopoli (more than 10 million inhabitants []



Derived from English megalopolis, with -s dropped on analogy with metropoli.



  1. megalopolis


Inflection of megalopoli (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative megalopoli megalopolit
genitive megalopolin megalopolien
partitive megalopolia megalopoleja
illative megalopoliin megalopoleihin
singular plural
nominative megalopoli megalopolit
accusative nom. megalopoli megalopolit
gen. megalopolin
genitive megalopolin megalopolien
partitive megalopolia megalopoleja
inessive megalopolissa megalopoleissa
elative megalopolista megalopoleista
illative megalopoliin megalopoleihin
adessive megalopolilla megalopoleilla
ablative megalopolilta megalopoleilta
allative megalopolille megalopoleille
essive megalopolina megalopoleina
translative megalopoliksi megalopoleiksi
instructive megalopolein
abessive megalopolitta megalopoleitta
comitative megalopoleineen