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mesio- +‎ distal


mesiodistal (not comparable)

  1. (dentistry) Of or relating to the mesial and distal surfaces of a tooth
    • 1999 October 15, J.-J. Jaeger et al., “A New Primate from the Middle Eocene of Myanmar and the Asian Early Origin of Anthropoids”, in Science[1], volume 286, number 5439, DOI:10.1126/science.286.5439.528, pages 528-530:
      However, Afrotarsius displays lower molars with much more acute cusps, a more protruding shelf-like paraconid, a metaconid opposite to the protoconid, a mesiodistal cristid obliqua, a strong labial cingulum, and a more distal entoconid.
  2. (linguistics) In the description of languages with a four-way distinction for demonstratives, refers to a demonstrative which indicates something near neither the speaker nor the addressee, but not too far off from either one.

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