micro- +‎ carcinoma


microcarcinoma (plural microcarcinomas or microcarcinomata)

  1. A small carcinoma, typically one of many
    • 2015 June 18, Michael B. Zimmermann, Valeria Galetti, “Iodine intake as a risk factor for thyroid cancer: a comprehensive review of animal and human studies”, in Thyroid Research[1], volume 8, DOI:10.1186/s13044-015-0020-8:
      This conclusion is based on: a) consistent data showing an increase in thyroid cancer (mainly follicular) in iodine deficient animals; b) a plausible mechanism (chronic TSH stimulation induced by iodine deficiency); c) consistent data from before and after studies of iodine prophylaxis showing a decrease in the percentage of thyroid cancer that is FTC and ATC; d) the indirect association between iodine intake and thyroid cancer mortality in the decade from 2000 to 2010; e) the autopsy studies of OTC showing microcarcinoma rates with lower iodine intakes; f) and the case control studies showing a trend toward lower risk for thyroid cancer with higher fish and total iodine intakes.

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