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A manbulge/mooseknuckle

Alternative formsEdit


mooseknuckle (plural mooseknuckles)

  1. (slang) The visible bulge in a man's crotch, as a consequence of wearing tight pants
    • 2002, DJ Kingsbury, To Hear Her Sing: Selected Poems, Page 93
      ... an afternoon sitting on the street with moose knuckle mooseknuckle the showing of testicles and cock through the crothch of tight pants ...
    • 2010, Brock Barrack, Touch Wood: A Mitch Milligan Murder Mystery
      Mitch had smoothly removed her shortlets and panties. Began massaging mooseknuckle.
  2. (slang) An ugly cameltoe
    • 2011, Aaron Michael Morales, Drowning Tucson
      No more of his talk about his bitch and her fat mooseknuckle of a puss bunched up in her acid-washed jeans.