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mother +‎ humper, as a euphemism for motherfucker.


motherhumper (plural motherhumpers)

  1. (euphemistic, slang, usually pejorative) Motherfucker.
    • 1976, Charles Durden, No Bugles, No Drums, The Viking Press (1976), →ISBN, page 95:
      But this motherhumper had feet long as my legs. His boots had to be special made. He was at least six-eight, []
    • 1981, Stephen King, Cujo, Viking Press (1981), →ISBN, page 73:
      [] I mean, if people don't chain up a dog that bites, they deserve what they get, you know? That thing . . . did you see it? I bet that motherhumper went two hundred pounds."
    • 1993, William Shatner, Tek Secret, Ace/Putnam (1993), →ISBN, page 142:
      "I'll bet you that redheaded motherhumper is behind this."
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