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mounseer (plural mounseers)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of monsieur.
    • 1904, Frank E. Smedley, Frank Fairlegh[1]:
      Well, as I didn't like to rile the old woman by refusing to do what she wanted, I went to a French mounseer, to teach me my paces; I've been in training above a month, so I thought I'd come here just as a sort of trial to see how I could go the pace."
    • 1892, Georg Ebers, The Story Of My Life From Childhood To Manhood[2]:
      Rumor first brought to Berlin the tidings of the destruction of the great army on the icy plains of Russia; then its remnants, starving, worn, ragged, appeared in the capital; and the street-boys, who not long before had been forced by the French soldiers to clean their boots, now with little generosity--they were only "street-boys"--shouted sneeringly, "Say, mounseer, want your boots blacked?"
    • 1872, James De Mille, The Dodge Club[3]:
      "Wee mounseer," said he, with utter desperation.
    • 1836, Robert Seymour, The Sketches of Seymour (Illustrated), Complete[4]:
      "A French mounseer do that!