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From Middle English nakedhed; equivalent to naked +‎ -hood.


nakedhood (uncountable)

  1. (rare) The state of being naked; nakedness.
    • 1963, National Review[1], volume 14, page 31:
      To the People of the Righteous Island: I showed Beauty in her nakedhood but they clothed me in a sackcloth.
    • 2001, John Barth, Coming Soon!!!: A Narrative[2], page 169:
      And it's time You were told, Readerissimo, that while at this juncture those eyes those eyes of hers were for the nonce closed, those thighs of hers were not; that she lay on her back in full amazing exhausted but welcoming nakedhood upon her berth in her cabin...
    • 2005, John Barth, The Book of Ten Nights and a Night: Eleven Stories[3], page 284:
      The Life Class modeling helped defray her tuition, and when word got around that she grooved on nakedhood there were feelers, so to speak, from lap-dance joints and porn-flick producers, among other entrepreneurs, to all of whom she said "Fuck off, Charlie".