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needle dick

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needle dick (plural needle dicks)

  1. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) A tiny penis
    • 2010, Kenneth Devon Hawkins, Prostitute Flange, page 95
      I watched carefully as she swished her tongue around his needle dick.
    • 2006, San Culberson, The Nick of Time
      I moved my hands up a little more and discovered, to put it delicately, the object of my desire left much to be desired. In not so delicate terms, fully erect—and I mean as hard as a diamond—his dick was about half as long as a bun-length hot dog, with about the same girth as said hot dog. I had heard the term needle dick before, but I swear, I had never encountered one.
    • 2004, John San Filippo, Sunspot Baby, page 171
      However, once inside the casino, he realized that this could be like finding Paulie's needle dick in a haystack.
  2. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) A man with a tiny penis; usually used as a disparaging form of address
    • 2011, James Lee Burke, Feast Day of Fools, page 378
      My boyfriend is not only a needle-dick but a lying shit.
    • 2009, Jack Henderson, Watching Over Wilbur, page 38
      That needle dick, he wants me to be his whore, and I won't.
    • 2009, Lee Vasey, Listing: Casual Encounters, page 37
      “Well, needle-dick isn't going to be able to service you. Maybe I'll bring my brother in here. He's got a nice, man-sized prick. We could fuck both your holes at the same time.”

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