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news +‎ ticker


newsticker (plural newstickers)

  1. Alternative form of news ticker
    • 1941 August 18, LIFE, volume 11, number 7, page 77:
      Dietrich obediently had it sent out over the D. N. B. newsticker. Midway in the announcement, the ticker was stopped.
    • 2005, Janne Skaffari, Opening Windows on Texts and Discourses of the Past, page 8:
      And the following quotation is an extract from a newsticker that appeared on the web page of the Online Sun on June 21, 2002, during the quarter final of the Football World Cup between England and Brazil.
    • 2007, Mark Schindler, Rumors in Financial Markets: Insights Into Behavioral Finance, page 129:
      After the first trading phase is over and the first message has been communicated via newsticker, the first communication phase follows.