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Alternative forms edit

Adjective edit

non-prerequisite (not comparable)

  1. Not prerequisite.
    • 1995, Paul Donald Cylinder, Wetlands regulation: a complete guide to federal and California programs:
      Permits granted prior to other (non-prerequisite) authorizations by other agencies should, where appropriate, be conditioned in such manner as to give those other authorities an opportunity to undertake their review without the applicant biasing such review by making substantial resource commitments on the basis of the DA permit.
    • 1996, S. J. Chung, Information Highways for a Smaller World and Better Living, page 78:
      In other words, it is able to execute its code normally without the cooperation of any non-prerequisite function.
    • 2003, Sorel Reisman, Electronic Learning Communities Issues and Practices, →ISBN, page 385:
      In contrast, the non-prerequisite skills fared far worse.

Noun edit

non-prerequisite (plural non-prerequisites)

  1. Something that is not a prerequisite.
    • 1876, James Robinson Graves, The Lord's Supper, page 876:
      Speaking of baptism as a non-prerequisite to the Supper, the Churchman says : "We need not say to churchmen that this \& a view which is utterly repugnant to the whole teaching of the church in every age, and to the whole course of history."
    • 1958, West's South Western Reporter - Volume 313, page 621:
      ...whether they be 'prerequisites' or 'non-prerequisites' to the appeal, which are timely filed, presented and disposed of in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure relating to motions for new trial.
    • 2012, Justin Charlebois, The Construction of Masculinities and Femininities in Beverly Hills, →ISBN:
      While assertive, promiscuous heterosexuality is associated with hegemonic masculinity, Val demonstrates how a male body is a non-prerequisite for enacting a masculine gender practice (Messerschmidt 2010, 116).