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northern fur seal

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northern fur seal (plural northern fur seals)

  1. A fur seal of the species Callorhinus ursinus (formerly Arctocephalus ursinus), of the northern Pacific.
    • 1859, John Edward Gray, “On the Sea-Bear of Foster, the Ursus marinus of Steller, Arctocephalus ursinus of Authors”, in Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, page 103:
      Arctocephalus ursinus. Northern Fur-Seal. Adult male grey-black; hair of the back long, black, reddish, with a subterminal band and a short grey tip; under fur short, wolly, red; the hair of the neck and front of the body longer, forming a kind of mane; lips and nose reddish; whiskers very long, strong, white, smooth, tapering to a fine point.


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