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nosering (plural noserings)

  1. Alternative form of nose ring
    • 1993, Mohsen Saeidi Madani, Impact of Hindu Culture on Muslims, M D Publications Pvt Ltd (1993), →ISBN, page 146:
      On the first wedding night of the marriage ceremony, the husband removes the big nosering of the bride, which is the symbolic representation of the girl being a virgin till that moment.
    • 2002, Esther David, Book of Esther, Viking (2002), →ISBN, page 369:
      [] My mother and grandmother wore nine-yard saris, with heavy anklets, armlets, waist belts and enormous noserings, but they observed all the Jewish rituals.'
    • 2007, Kristen Tsetsi, Homefront, Penxhere Press (2007), →ISBN, page 225:
      A woman with dyed black hair and a greenstone nosering returns to a story she must have almost finished before I came in.
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