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octa- (eight) +‎ -choron (room), from Ancient Greek ὀκτά- (oktá-, eight) and χώρος (khṓros, room).


octachoron (plural octachorons or octachora)

  1. (mathematics) A four-dimensional object equivalent to a cube, constructed out of eight cubes.
    • 2012, Yequn Zhang, Murat Arabaci, and Ivan B. Djordjevic, Rate-Adaptive Four-Dimensional Nonbinary LDPC-Coded Modulation for Long-Haul Optical Transport Networks, page 3:
      Our 16-point 4D constellation is described by the set {(±1,±1,±1,±1)}, which is indeed the set of vertices of a tesseract (i.e., a regular octachoron) [4].
    • 2013, Milorad Cvijetic and Ivan B. Djordjevic, Advanced Optical Communication Systems and Networks, page 357:
      The Schlegel diagram from this figure is a projection of a regular octachoron from the 4-D space to the 3-D space through a point beyond one of its facets.
    • 2013, Paul Jennings and Frank Nijhoff, On an elliptic extension of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation, page 4:
      ...completing the notation for the vertices of an elementary lattice octachoron.