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  1. Pronunciation spelling of on account of.
    He's depraved onaccounta he's deprived.
    • 1972, Conrad Weiser, “GOD MUST”, in I Don't Need to Know Your Name to be Your Friend, page 89:
      The game called / Onacounta darkness
    • 2005, Christopher Chambers, edited by Eleanor Taylor Bland, Shades Of Black: Crime and Mystery Stories by African-American Authors:
      I mean, we called GBI onacounta the Smitty .38, the outta state tags...” Beauchamp answered, stonefaced.
    • 2006, Y. York, “Doggy Style”, in Nothing is the Same, page 9:
      Den when da sun come out and errybody feel safe, onacounta get light again, errybody go outside and find one tallblack cat god.