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ox +‎ eye. Apparently in some senses, specifically Buphthalmum, translated from Arabic عَيْن الْبَقَر(ʿayn al-baqar, literally ox-eye), as also the case for French œil-de-bœuf.


oxeye (plural oxeyes)

  1. Several daisy-like flowers in various genera,
    1. Heliopsis spp.
    2. Heteranthemis viscidehirta
    3. Telekia speciosa
  2. Any oxeye daisy.
    1. Leucanthemum vulgare
    2. Any of a genus of composite plants (Buphthalmum) with large yellow flowers.
  3. The corn camomile (Anthemis arvensis).
  4. A titmouse, especially the great titmouse (Parus major) or the blue titmouse (Parus caeruleus).
  5. The dunlin (Calidris alpina)
  6. A fish Boops boops; the bogue, or box.

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