oystre ‎(plural oystres)

  1. (rare) Obsolete form of oyster.
    • 1585, Thomas Harriot, quoted in Steve Nicholls, Paradise Found: Nature in America at the Time of Discovery, University of Chicago Press (ISBN 9780226583426), page 73
      Oystres, some very great and some small, some round and some of a long shape .
    • 1626, Sir Edward Dering, quoted in "Bill of Fare of 1626", Notes and Queries (14 December 1815), page 99
      pickled oystres a barrell ... 1s. 6d.
    • 1851, Punch, Volume XX., page #230:
      Well could he talke of fasting and penaunce
      To Maides, between the figures of the daunce ;
      And from the hollow world within the cloistre
      Threaten to shut himself, as in an oystre.

Middle EnglishEdit


oystre (plural oystres)

  1. oyster