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An Australian stockman leading a packhorse
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pack +‎ horse


packhorse (plural packhorses)

  1. A horse used as a pack animal.
    • 1997, Knights of Spain, Warriors of the Sun: Hernando de Soto and the South's Ancient Chiefdoms, page 232,
      Finally they put him on one of De Soto's packhorses, but even on a packhorse his feet hung down to within a few inches of the ground.
    • 2009, Victor Grant Smith, Jeanette Prodgers (editor), The Champion Buffalo Hunter: The Frontier Memoirs of Yellowstone Vic Smith, Revised Edition, page 70,
      Procter had a handsome half-breed girl with him and two splendid elk heads and meat on his packhorses that he was taking to Fort Lincoln for sale.
    • 2010, Bill G. Yung, The Half Fast Hunter, page 41,
      While I was destroying my parka, the packhorse that Bob had been leading laid down. So now all our supplies were supine along with the napping packhorse. Looking upon a reclining packhorse while facing a wind-driven rain, wearing a tattered rain parka, with lightning flashing every fifteen seconds followed by thunder so loud my clothes shuddered was not how I had expected the afternoon to unfold. Each time we got the packhorse to his feet he would promptly lie down again.


  • (horse used to carry heavy items): rowney, sumpter, sumpter horse

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