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paleo- +‎ phycology


paleophycology (uncountable)

  1. The branch of paleontology that deals with fossil algae.
    • 1956, Kanazawa Daigaku, The Science Reports of Kanazawa University - Volumes 5-7, page 254:
      An endeavor to introduce the biological species concept into paleontologic species has been explored by many progressive paleontologists. But, no such contribution has ever been made in paleophycology.
    • 2009, John P. Smol, Pollution of Lakes and Rivers: A Paleoenvironmental Perspective, →ISBN:
      As most of the primary production in freshwater systems comes from algae, and given that there are many thousands of algal taxa, it is not surprising that paleophycology has played a leading role in paleolimnology.
    • 2012, Daniela Basso & Bruno Granier, “Calcareous algae in changing environments”, in Geodiversitas, volume 34, number 1:
      We dedicate this special issue to all aspects of quantifying species abundance and the subsequent elaborations of it in paleophycology.