pantie (plural panties)

  1. (usually in the plural or in combination) Alternative form of panty
    • 1950, Turnley Walker, Rise Up and Walk, page 32,
      “What a stinking, lousy thing it is,” mutters the pantie manufacturer. “And they don′t know how it works — where it goes — they can′t even see it.”
    • 1966, Jonathan Aitken, Michael Beloff, A Short Walk on the Campus, page 104,
      Another weird American sexual custom which we observed was the “pantie raid”. We had the doubtful privilege of being spectators of two such raids, both instigated by girls.
    • 2010, Valerie Steele, The Berg Companion to Fashion, page 369,
      Beginning about 1934, pantie girdles constituted a staple in the lines of many manufacturers.