party-sized (not comparable)

  1. Of food items: relatively small, so as to serve as a snack at social gatherings.
    • 2008, Morton Satin, Food Alert!: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Food Safety, page 276:
      Staff members were served a party-sized submarine sandwich catered by a national franchise restaurant. Eighty percent of the 29 staff members reported becoming ill with fever, abdominal cramps or nausea a day or two later.
    • 2007, Cincinnati Magazine, volume 40, number 2, page 154:
      The cheese counter and cracker selections are terrific, and the variety of party-sized frozen desserts and fancy frozen appetizers [] is unsurpassed.
    • 2016, David Gillespie, The Eat Real Food Cookbook:
      Our original recipe, which appeared in Toxic Oil, made about 32 party-sized rolls. But for one party Lizzie made them bite-sized – about 2 cm long – and the mix made more than 100.

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