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  1. plural form of phænomenon
    • 1796 CE, Antoine-François de Fourcroy, Elements of Chemistry, and Natural History: To which is Prefixed the Philosophy of Chemistry, pages 209–210:
      The phænomena of the diſtillation of amber favour this opinion: It affords actually a ſort of naphtha, and a petroleum too, of a higher or a lighter brown colour, according to the degree of heat employed, and the length of time ſpent in the operation.
    • 1798 CE, Pierre Simon La Place, Exposition du Système du Monde (translated as “on the System of the World”), chapter III: “on Time, and its measure”, quoted in:
    • 1799 CE, Author unknown, The Monthly review. New and improved ser, page 500:
      It is desirable that all people should adopt one and the same æra, independant of moral revolutions, and founded solely on astronomical phænomena.
      The work is divided into chapters. The 1st discusses the diurnal motions of the heavens ; in which the phænomena that ordinarily present themselves are noted and explained.