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  1. plural of philia
    Bruce A. Arrigo, Catherine E Purcell, The Psychology of Lust Murder: Paraphilia, Sexual Killing, and Serial Homicide (2006) p. 15
    • He noted that "these philias have a sexual association attached to them".
    Nils K Oeijord, Why Gould Was Wrong (2003) p. 68:
    • Phobias, philias, manias, perversities, and mental disorders are abnormal instincts. ... Phobias, philias, manias, perversities, and mental disorders teach us how normal instincts work (=how the mind works).
    Raymond J Corsini, The Dictionary of Psychology (1999) p. 719:
    • [Defining "Philia"] The near-opposite of phobia, except that only a few phobias have a specifically sexual context whereas most philias (called paraphilias) are erotic attachments experienced almost exclusively by men, often termed fetishes.
    David E. Young, Jean-Guy (EDT) Goulet, Being Changed by Cross-Cultural Encounters: The Anthropology of Extraordinary Experience (1994) p. 262:
    • Philias and phobias can also be included in this category of behavioral traits. The correspondence of the child's philias and phobias to those of the previous personality, or which could be explained on the basis of the previous personality's mode of death, can be assessed.
    Rumack H. Rumack, David G. Spoerke, Barry H. Rumack, Handbook of Mushroom Poisoning: Diagnosis and Treatment (1994) p. 11:
    • Wasson traces the movements of certain groups and identifies pockets of philias and phobias.
    Gaston Bachelard, Psychoanalysis of Fire (1987) p. 6:
    • Everyone must destroy even more carefully than his phobias, his “philias,” his complacent acceptance of first intuitions.