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plastic +‎ -less


plasticless (not comparable)

  1. Without plastic.
    • 1998, Jeff Patterson, ‎Ryan Melcher, Audio on the Web (page vi)
      While most of us were still thinking music only came on discs, IUMA was already living out the future, bringing paperless, plasticless, pure music to devices that now look like computers but may soon be as ubiquitous as cell phones []
    • 2013, Jim Lanier, Beyond Ophir: Confessions of an Iditarod Musher, An Alaska Odyssey
      Without a spare (added evidence of a deranged mind) I press on, the sled grinding away on bare aluminum. I will later come to learn that another guy, Hugh Neff, became plasticless at about the same place.
    • 2015, Michael Pronko, Motions and Moments: More Essays on Tokyo
      I feel my humanity returns as I escape the plastic cocoon, and feel like I've entered a different, plastic-less city altogether.
  2. Without (the use of) a credit card.
    • 1999, Mary Hunt, Mary Hunt's Debt-proof Living (page 198)
      I do not condone living completely plasticless. That is simply not realistic these days. In these high-tech times you will need your plastic tool to do things like buy airplane tickets, check into a hotel, or rent a car.
    • 2014, Cherie Lowe, Keep the Happy in Your Holidays
      Using credit cards. Make a commitment to shop plasticless this season. Here's why: A gift bought with money you do not have is no gift at all.