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poëm (plural poëms)

  1. (rare or archaic) Alternative spelling of poem
    • 1747, Josiah Relph, A Miscellany of Poems: Consisting of Original Poems, Translations Pastorals in the Cumberland Dialect...[1], page xvi:
      We cannot indeed recommend these Poëms as any standard of polite taste and elevated genius, nor as perfect patterns for imitation.
    • 1788: John Gilborne, The Triumphant Return, a Poëm: In Latin and English: Humbly Dedicated to…, Title
    • 1851: Jacques Nicolas Paillot de Montabert, Traité complet de la peinture, page 512
      Harte (Walter). — Essay on painting; in his poëms on several occasions. London. 1727. in-8°.
    • 1864: Heinrich Joseph Wetzer, Benedikt Welte, Isidore Goschler, and Johann Goschler, Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la théologie catholique, page 309
      6. John Douglass, bishop of Centurio and vicar apostolic in the London district, 1794, in-4°.
      7. The Battle of Bangor, satirical poëm (la bataille de Bangor, ou le triomphe de l’Église).
      8. The first Eklog of Virgil translated into skottic vers.
    • 1879: Provinciaal Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen in Noord-Brabant Bibliotheek, Catalogus der boekerij, page 890 (Gebroeders Muller)
      895 Milton, J. Works, containing : paradise lost, a poëm, and paradise regained, Simson agonistes and poëms