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presto change-o

  1. (informal) Alternative form of presto chango
    • 1975, Laura Keane Zametkin Hobson, Consenting Adult, Doubleday, →ISBN, page 85,
      "It doesn't just go one, two, three, presto, change-o, you're cured."
    • 1984, Audrey Wood, Presto Change-O, Child's Play, →ISBN.
    • 2001, Karen Kellaher, Writing Skills Made Fun: Parts of Speech, →ISBN, page 13,
      Then tell them to read the sentence on the front of each flap, open the flap, and read the sentence inside. Presto Change-o! Common nouns are transformed into proper nouns, right before nouns, right before their eyes!
    • 2006, Peter Blauner, Slipping Into Darkness: A Novel, Little, Brown, →ISBN, page 3,
      But then that little psychopath Willie Bosket murdered a couple of subway riders for the hell of it when he was fifteen and -- presto change-o! -- a new law was born.