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Blend of psycho- +‎ sycophant.


psychophant (plural psychophants)

  1. (humorous) A sycophant, especially one with psychological problems.
    • 1911, The Word, Volume 13, Theosophical Publishing Co., page 178:
      Socrates was not a sophist nor a psychophant.
    • 2002, University Microfilms, University Microfilms International, Dissertation abstracts international: The sciences and engineering, University Microfilms, page unknown:
      Adolescents play out these interim roles of clown, miniature adult, social psychophant, bully, etc., to compensate for the loss of power that accompanies their perceived or real losses.
    • 2008, G. Ramachandhra Reddy, The challenges of governance in Indian democracy, APH Publishing, page 178:
      It has destroyed the right ethos in administrative culture and brought to the fore psychophant and the dishonest...