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publicity hound

See also: publicity-hound


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publicity hound (plural publicity hounds)

  1. (idiomatic) A person who constantly seeks public attention, especially through coverage in the broadcast media or news media.
    • 1928, Frank R. Kent, "The Great Game Of Politics," Baltimore Sun, 28 Aug., p. 1:
      The truth about Pastor Straton is that he is perhaps the country's most persistent publicity hound. He has an insatiable appetite for newspaper notice.
    • 1995, Harlan Coben, Deal Breaker, →ISBN, p. 258:
      "He's a publicity hound," Jake said. "Gets a hard-on watching himself on TV."
    • 2001, Hannah Bloch, "The Evil That Men Do," Time, 20 Aug.:
      Durrani continues to receive awards and recognition overseas for her courage, although within her own country she is branded an opportunist and publicity-hound.