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Alternative formsEdit


From Vulgar Latin *potēre, for Latin possum, posse. The Latin infinitive potere was formed analogically in post-classical Latin from the present participle, potens, potentis. (4th century, found in the Vetus Latina).



  1. (Rumantsch Grischun, Puter, Vallader) to be able (to)
    pos ti nudar?
    can you swim?
    jau poss nudar
    I can swim


infinitive pudair
gerund pudend
past participle pudì m, pudidas f, pudids m pl, pudidas f pl
person singular plural
first second third first second third
indicative jau ti el/ella/ins nus vus els/ellas
present poss pos po pudain pudais pon
imperfect pudeva pudevas pudeva pudevan pudevas pudevan
conditional pudess pudessas pudess pudessan pudessas pudessan
subjunctive che jau che ti ch'el/ch'ella/ch'ins che nus che vus ch'els/ch'ellas
possia possias possia possian possias possian