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Borrowed from French raconteuse


raconteuse (plural raconteuses)

  1. A female storyteller.
    • 1978, William Peter Archibald, Social psychology as political economy, page 229:
      There is a fascinating passage in Margaret Atwood's Surfacing where four Canadians on their way up a river in the wilderness come upon a heron someone preceding them has killed and strung from a tree. Having surveyed its disgusting remains, the raconteuse asks herself "Why had they strung it up like a lynch victim, why didn't they just throw it away like the trash?"
    • 2012, Tom Edwards, Tom:
      Tom's mother was a superb raconteuse with the enviable gift of painting a verbal canvas of enchanting colours, transporting her audience into a realm of her own making that invariably enhanced the core of the tale.
    • 2012, William Penn, Love in the Time of Flowers, →ISBN, page 51:
      So, Shasta had reflected at once, Aunt Lily, by acclamation the family raconteuse, had certainly piqued her concern and puzzlement, if not exactly her surprise.




raconteuse f (plural raconteuses)

  1. feminine equivalent of raconteur

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