radiolarite ‎(countable and uncountable, plural radiolarites)

  1. (uncountable, countable) radiolarian ooze, or the sedimentary rock formed from it.
    • 1980, Geologische Bundesanstalt (Austria), Outline of the geology of Austria and selected excursions[1]:
      It comprehends the following generally flat-lying members: Hauptdolomit, Platten Limestone, Kossen Beds, Rhae- tian reef Limestone, Liassic marls and limestones, up to 350 m thick siliceous, radiolarite-bearing strata
    • 1984[2], Časopis pro mineralogii a geologii, volume 29, page 145:
      The conodont-dominated assemblages with strongly impoverished to totally lacking benthos contained in the soft radiolarite-bearing shales of the Ponikev Formation are typical of units deposited during this time

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radiolarite f ‎(plural radiolarites)

  1. radiolarite

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