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reägent (plural reägents)

  1. Rare spelling of reagent.
    • 1871, Richard Soule, A Dictionary of English Synonymes and Synonymous or Parallel Expressions, page 406/1 s.v. “Test, n.”:
      Test, n.…(Chem.) Reägent.
    • 1876, Robert Manning (translator), Purification of the Seine, page 25:
      The City authorities have made prolonged and numerous experiments on sulphate of alumina, which seemed to present greater practical advantages for the purification of sewage water than quicklime and other reägents already known in France and England.
    • ibidem, page 26:
      Dr. Frankland…having submitted to analysis different reägents tried or proposed, has found that on an average they extract from sewage water only 37 per cent. of the organic nitrogen contained in it.
    • 1911, Ellen Churchill Semple, Influences of Geographic Environment, chapter iv, page 119:
      The Finns…are being forcibly dissolved in the Muscovite dominion by powerful reägents, by Russian schoolmasters, a Russian priesthood, Russian military service.