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  1. simple past tense and past participle of recce
    • 1999, Damien Gildea, Christian Beckwith, editor, American Alpine Journal 1999[1], →ISBN, page 427:
      From April 25-27, I recced the approach to Baima Shan, an unclimbed peak of around 5500 meters on the west side of the road between Zhongdian and Dechin.
    • 1998, Peter Brune, The Spell Broken: Exploding the Myth of Japanese Invincibility[2], →ISBN, page 90:
      Having previously recced the forward ground, Acreman decided that guns C4 and D4 would best serve the defence of the minefield and strip by their deployment covering the bridge across the Anabila Creek and the adjacent beach.
    • 2002, Johnny John Heinz, The Signature of a Voice[3], →ISBN, page 51:
      Fifty yards before they reached it, Bob jumped out, recced the road up ahead and waived them on, boarding the pickup truck as it turned onto the road
    • 1978, Peter Watson, War on the Mind: The Military Uses and Abuses of Psychology[4], →ISBN:
      Each area recced contained two target complexes - two stationary armoured vehicles, and a row of five on the move with two or three security vehicles.
    • 1999, Colin Hart, Television Program Making: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started[5], →ISBN, page 104:
      You have recced all the locations and you know that the background for the architect will work best if he is looking left with the flats rising up on the left of shot.
    • 2003, P. J. H. Petter-Bowyer, Winds of Destruction[6], →ISBN, page 175:
      In such cases I expected that radiating toilet paths would be a give-away and since a base had to be close to water the areas to be recced should be relatively small, particularly in the dry season.