repair +‎ person


repairperson (plural repairpersons or repairpeople)

  1. Someone who repairs; a repairman or repairwoman.
    • 1987 (2006), William F. Smith, "An Almost Perfect Crime", The Mammoth Book of Perfect Crimes & Impossible Mysteries:
      A repairman and his truck. Guess I should say repairperson. Could have been a gal under that uniform and cap.
    • 1998 December 18, Peter Margasak, “Punk Planet's New Atmosphere”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Now the chintzy nameplate is all that distinguishes his work space from those of the photocopier repairperson, diet food company, and kitchen designer down the hall.
    • 2006 December 8, Chuck Shepherd, “News of the Weird”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      As part of the settlement of a discrimination complaint filed after a 70-year-old transgendered Verizon repairperson was repeatedly arrested for using women's bathrooms at Grand Central Station in New York City, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority agreed in October to let people use the train station bathroom that's "consistent with their gender expression."