retracted tongue root

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retracted tongue root (plural retracted tongue roots)

  1. (linguistics, often attributive) An articulation involving retraction of the tongue root.
    Coordinate term: advanced tongue root
    • 1996, Peter Ladefoged, Ian Maddieson, The Sounds of the World's Languages:
      The high back retracted tongue root vowel is always further back than its counterpart, rather than further forward, as is the case for the traditional lax back vowels.
    • 2001, Barry F. Carlson, John H. Esling, Katie Fraser, “Nuuchahnulth”, in Journal of the International Phonetic Association, volume 31, number 2:
      /ʕ/ is typically realized as an epiglottal stop, gliding as a pharyngeal approximant into a following retracted-tongue-root vowel, as in [ʡˤʊ̙maː] ‘water flowing from a spout’.

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