retracted tongue root


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retracted tongue root (plural retracted tongue roots)

  1. (linguistics, often attributive) An articulation involving retraction of the tongue root.
    • 1996, Peter Ladefoged, Ian Maddieson, The Sounds of the World's Languages
      The high back retracted tongue root vowel is always further back than its counterpart, rather than further forward, as is the case for the traditional lax back vowels.
    • 2001, Barry F. Carlson, John H. Esling & Katie Fraser, "Nuuchahnulth", in Journal of the International Phonetic Association, vol. 31, no. 2
      /ʕ/ is typically realized as an epiglottal stop, gliding as a pharyngeal approximant into a following retracted-tongue-root vowel, as in [ʡˤʊ̙maː] ‘water flowing from a spout’.
    Coordinate term: advanced tongue root