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saddle tramp (plural saddle tramps)

  1. (chiefly US, idiomatic, derogatory) In the Old West, a person who wanders from place to place on horseback.
    • 1987, George Bowering, Caprice (2010 New Star edition), →ISBN, (Google preview):
      She allowed her fancy to play with the idea of staying in Fairfield, of forgetting her bitter quest. . . . But she was not a schoolteacher. . . . She was what some people called a saddle tramp.
    • 1990, Janelle Taylor, Follow the Wind, →ISBN, ch. 15 (Google preview):
      But I hope you don't have eyes for that saddletramp. He won't be around very long.
    • 2014, Robert J. Gossett, Two Wanted Men in the Old West, →ISBN, ch. 29 (Google preview):
      Tina continued, “One day this saddle tramp showed up and wanted to work for a meal. . . . After he ate and discovered that there were no men in the house, he started making lewd remarks and giving us lascivious looks.”


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