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From save +‎ -worthy.


saveworthy (comparative more saveworthy, superlative most saveworthy)

  1. Worthy to be saved; worthy of being saved
    • 2013, Nickie D. Phillips, Staci Strobl, Comic Book Crime:
      Unfortunately, despite the massive humanitarian efforts of many Americans, New Orleans has not been deemed saveworthy by all.
    • 2015, Trisha Priebe, A Sherlock Holmes Devotional:
      Our friendship with Jesus Christ is the redeeming quality that takes our personality from unsavory to save-worthy.
    • 2016, Hillary Zio, The Unfiltered Guide to Working in Wine:
      Also, the tasting sheet has your email and phone number in the upper left hand corner, making it larger and perhaps more saveworthy than a dinky business card.

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