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scano (plural scanos)

  1. Alternative form of scanno
    • 2010 Ivan Sutherland, "Old Salt Lake stories that you may not have heard," in Ian Piumarta & Kimberly Rose, eds., Points of View - a tribute to Alan Kay, Viewpoints Research Inst., 2010. (Page 7)
      My daughter, Juliet, tells me that an OCR error is called a scano rather than a typo.
    • 2014 Kirk McElhearn, "Ebooks and Typos: Readers, and Consumers, Deserve Better," Kirkville - Writings by Kirk McElhearn (blog), May 5, 2014
      Seeing the number of typos – or, more correctly, scanos – in these books shows that there’s no serious proofreading going on after the books are scanned.
    • 2014 May 29, John Brown, “Edward Bear Shares More Proofreading Secrets”, in John Brown - author's official site:
      Over at Project Gutenberg, they use the term “scanos” as an analogue of “typos.”

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