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seismogramme (plural seismogrammes)

  1. (rare) British spelling of seismogram
    • 1962, Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences, U.S.S.R., Geophysics Series, Issues 1–6,page 112:
      In 1954, Benioff analyzed the seismogramme of the Kamchatka earthquake of 1952 and found a phase with a period of 57 minutes . . .
    • 1976, J. B. Kloosterman, Catastrophist Geology,page 50:
      Cover design based on a seismogramme registered on the 18th and 19th of November 1900 during a 'seismic tempest' in Japan.
    • 1979 C. Bernstein, Language:
      To compare a book to a seismogramme is a mistaken analogy in so far as, I know from experience, simple registering is not involved . . .
    • 1986, A. S. Elnashai, K. Pilakoutas, "The Kalamata (Greece) Earthquake of 13 September 1986", in ESEE Research Report, issues 86–89, Civil Engineering Dept., Imperial College of Science and Technology,page 11:
      A seismogramme of the earthquake recorded in Zurich is shown in figure 3.7 . . .
    • 2005, Božo Biškupić and Tonko Maroević, Contemporary Croatian Drawing, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia:
      . . . it acts to the greatest possible extent as a seismogramme of sensibility and experience.