serial monogamy


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serial monogamy (uncountable)

  1. The practice of having a succession of (especially short) monogamous relationships with different people.
    • 1972, Carl R. Rogers, Becoming Partners: Marriage and its Alternatives, page 11:
      Living together without marriage, [...], serial monogamy (with one divorce after another), [...] — these are all gropings toward some new form of man-woman relationship for the future.
    • 1993, Susan Moore & Doreen Rosenthal, Sexuality in Adolescence, page 127:
      For some adolescents, serial monogamy — or a succession of 'permanent' relationships — is the norm, confirming earlier findings with American adolescents reported by Sorensen (1973).
    • 2008, "Sex and sensibility", The Economist, 1 Mar 2008:
      If serial monogamy is the norm, even if individuals have many partners over time, the virus is trapped within relationships and gets around slowly.
    • 2011, The Guardian, 30 Mar 2011:
      Pawley was, of course, not the last man to suffer from Taylor's serial monogamy, with the Hollywood star marrying eight times in her life.

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