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From Old English sceota (trout).


shote (plural shotes)

  1. Alternative form of shoat
    • 1914, Vachel Lindsay, The Congo
      Just then from the doorway, as fat as shotes,
      Came the cake-walk princes in their long red coats []
  2. (obsolete, UK, dialect) A fish resembling the trout, the grayling (Thymallus thymallus).
    • 1609, Richard Carew, The Survey of Cornwall. [], new edition, London: [] B. Law, []; Penzance, Cornwall: J. Hewett, published 1769, →OCLC:
      The rest are common to other Shires, but the Shote in a maner peculiar to Deuon and Cornwall: in shape and colour he resembleth the Trowt


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