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  1. sandpiper, stint, knot, dunlin (small wading birds primarily in the genus Calidris but also in three related genera Eurynorhynchus, Aechmorhynchus and Prosobonia, see list below under Derived terms)
  2. In plural (sirrit) the genus Calidris.


Inflection of sirri (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative sirri sirrit
genitive sirrin sirrien
partitive sirriä sirrejä
illative sirriin sirreihin
singular plural
nominative sirri sirrit
accusative nom. sirri sirrit
gen. sirrin
genitive sirrin sirrien
partitive sirriä sirrejä
inessive sirrissä sirreissä
elative sirristä sirreistä
illative sirriin sirreihin
adessive sirrillä sirreillä
ablative sirriltä sirreiltä
allative sirrille sirreille
essive sirrinä sirreinä
translative sirriksi sirreiksi
instructive sirrein
abessive sirrittä sirreittä
comitative sirreineen

Usage notesEdit

In addition to the genera listed above, in English "sandpiper" appears in common names of birds also in genera Bartramia, Tringa, Xenus and Actitis.

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Derived termsEdit