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spider +‎ -dom


spiderdom (uncountable)

  1. The condition of being a spider; or, spiders in general.
    • 1860, "Animal Instinct and Reason", in The Universalist Quarterly and General Review, volume 17, page 128:
      The spider will sacrifice her life rather than surrender her yet unhatched brood to the spoiler, and her young she often carries upon her person, and sees that they are trained and nurtured in all the ways of spiderdom.
    • 1965, Hanns Reich, Baby Animals and Their Mothers, page 7:
      It's no use arguing with Mother Nature over such crass methods, for the history of spiderdom would long since have come to an end without them.
    • 2000, Mark B. Charlton, The Great American Bathroom Reader, page 41:
      While some people run in horror from tarantulas (found in hot, desert climes), the big boy of spiderdom is not aggressive.