From Latin spumescens, p.pr. of spumescere (to grow foamy).


spumescent (comparative more spumescent, superlative most spumescent)

  1. (rare) Resembling froth or foam; foaming.
    • 1957, Clayton, John Bell, The Strangers Were There: Selected Stories, Macmillan, page 79:
      The snowfall had changed again, the flakes larger now and less insistent; they had a buoyant and spumescent quality.
    • 1993, Thesen, Hjalmar, The Way Back: A Novel, →ISBN, page 146:
      His eyes burned black with the intensity of their gaze over the hidden ravine below; over the thin, white waterfall, spumescent, blown into mist.
    • 2008, Hamilton, Peter F., The Reality Dysfunction[1], →ISBN:
      Then she screamed as a jet of spumescent gore slopped across the front of the paralysed fabric.


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