From stare +‎ -worthy.


stareworthy (comparative more stareworthy, superlative most stareworthy)

  1. Worthy of being stared at; admirable.
    • 1885, William Maginn, Robert William M. Johnson, Miscellanies, prose and verse, ed. by R.W. Montagu:
      To me there is nothing very stareworthy in the licentiousness of a few empresses, queens, &c., of whom we have all heard so much.
    • 2010, Lisa Desrochers, Personal Demons:
      Oh, God. Stop! I shift my gaze to his chest, which turns out to be no less stareworthy.
    • 2011, Kristen Welch, Don't Make Me Come Up There!: Quiet Moments for Busy Moms:
      Sometimes we are stareworthy!
    • 2012, Nicole Williams, Clash:
      “That boy has such a stareworthy, needstobegrabbedinhandfuls ass,” Holly said, gazing a little dreamily at Jude's backside.